What is the average age difference between couples?

Nowadays almost everything is possible relationship wise. In a lot of places you can marry someone of the same sex and it is also a lot more common to be in a relationship with someone much older or younger. But what actually is the average age difference for couples? Research shows that the average age difference for couples in the UK is between 3 and 5 years.



Who are usually older in a relationship, the men or the women?

Several researches show that women tend to fall for older men, and likewise men are often more attracted to younger women. In over 70% of all relationships, the man is older than the woman. Research also shows that British couples find 4 years and 4 months the perfect age difference (when the man is older). Only  1% of the women in the research preferred younger men.

What is the largest age difference ever in a relationship?

The largest age difference between a married couple was in Malaysia. Sudar Marto (105 years old) married his wife Ely Rahmat (22 years old). An age difference of 83 years! Another example of a large age difference is of course between playmate Anna Nicole Smith (26 years old) and billionaire J. Howard Marshall (89 years old). An age difference of 63 years. Marshall died 13 months after the marriage. 

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