At what age do people get grey hair on average?

Most people hate the thought of their hair turning grey, but sooner or later it’ll happen anyway. The age at which your hair turns grey varies a lot per person. There are people who get their first grey hairs in their twenties, and others that only start greying in their fifties. However, the average age that people turn grey is around when they’re 30 or 35 years old.



Who go grey first, men or women?

Men tend to get grey hairs before women. Men start getting grey hairs around their thirties, whereas women start around their thirty-fifths.

How long does it take before your hair turns completely grey?

It can take a long time between getting the first grey hairs, and a full head of grey hairs. On average it takes about 10 years before you’re completely grey.

What causes grey hair?

The main contributor of greying hair is genes. If one of your (grand)parents started getting grey hair at an early age, there is a larger chance the same will happen to you. Besides genes, there are also other factors that can influence an early onset of grey hair. Research has shown that smoking is an important cause of going grey at a younger age.

Can you do something against getting grey hairs?

The process of getting grey hairs is irreversible. Besides dyeing your hair, there isn’t really anything you can do to stop it. There are medicines on the market that claim to stop the greying process, however they are not yet scientifically proven.

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