At what age do women on average reach menopause?

Many women dread reaching menopause. For some women it happens early on, but for others it starts very late. However, most women reach menopause when they’re between 40 and 60 years old. The average age in the UK for women to reach menopause is 51 years old.



Is there a genetic component to when women reach menopause?

A lot of women tend to reach menopause at the same age as their mother and sisters. This points towards a genetic component in menopause. There are of course always exceptions, but in most cases you can presume that if the mother reaches menopause at a young age, the daughter will too.

Are there other factors that influence the age of reaching menopause?

Research shows that smoking is an important influence on the age at which someone reaches menopause. Smokers, even once they have stopped long ago, often reach menopause 2 years earlier.

Do you reach menopause at a later age if you continue to take the pill?

Women reach menopause whether they take the pill or not. However, women who continue to take the pill are less affected by the symptoms of menopause. Always consult this with your doctor, since continuing with the pill can also have negative effects.  

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