What is the average baby weight in the UK?

When considering the average weight of a new-born baby, we assume that the baby is delivered after a regular pregnancy length (9 months). The average weight of a baby is 7lb 80oz for boys and 7lb 4oz for girls.



Is the second baby usually heavier than the first baby?

Yes, the econd baby is often heavier than the first baby. On average the second baby is 200 grams heavier than the first child. Of course there are always exceptions, whereby the first baby is heavier than the second baby.

What is the average weight of new born babies in other countries?

There is certainly a difference in the average weight of new born babies in various countries. A person’s physique plays an important role and differs per region. The average weight of babies in Asian countries is for instance a lot lower than in the UK. This is because Asians are often a lot smaller than British women.

How much did the heaviest baby ever weigh?

The heaviest baby ever was born in Canada in 1879 and weighed 23lb 12oz! This is more than 15lb heavier than the average English new born. The mother of the baby had gigantism and died 11 hours after giving birth. The heaviest baby born to a healthy mother was a boy who weighed 22lb 8oz. The UK’s heaviest naturally born baby, George, weighed 15lb 7oz and was born in 2013. The heaviest baby ever born in the UK was born in 1992 and weighed 15lb 8oz.

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