What is the average bra size in the UK?

The average bra size of women in the UK is 36D. This is bigger than the average of Europe, which is 34C. The following overview shows the distribution of bra sizes for women in the UK.

 Bra size   % of Women in the UK 
 A  6% 
 B  19%
 C  18%
 D  57%



Is the average bra size increasing?

Yes. Over the past years the average bra size in the UK has increased. While the average bra size at the moment is 36D, a few years ago it was 34B. This is mainly due to the fact that the average woman in the UK is becoming increasingly heavier.

What is the largest bra size ever?

The American model Chelsea Charms has the largest bra size in the world. Together her 153XXX breasts weigh almost 25kg. The largest natural breasts belong also to an American, Norma Stitz. Her bra size is 102ZZ.

What is the average bra size in other countries?

As mentioned before, women in the UK have the biggest average bra size with 57% of the women having Cup D or larger. In Denmark 50% of the women have Cup D or larger. Holland is in third place. The smallest average bra sizes in the world are in China, Japan, Indonesia and some African countries, where Cup A is the average. The following table shows the bra size distribution in other countries.

 Country:   % with bra size A:   % with bra size B:   % with bra size C:   % with bra size D: 
 Denmark  50%  19%  24%  7%
 Netherlands   36%  27%  29%  8%
 Belgium  28%  28%  35%  9%
 France  26%  29%  38%  7%
 Sweden  24%  30%  33%  14%
 Greece   23%  28%  40%  9%
 Switzerland  19%  24%  43%  14%
 Austria   11%  27%  51%  10%
 Italy  10%  21%  68%  1%


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