What is the average salary of a Premier League football player?

You sure don’t have to feel bad for the Premier League football players. They’re often spotted driving around in expensive cars and wearing fancy watches. But how much does the average Premier League football player earn? According to the PFA (Professional Footballers’ Association) the average salary of a Premier League football player is a bit over £60,000 per week (more than 3 million per year). This average is high partially due to that some of the top players earn over £500,000! These numbers include performance-based bonuses. In general the Premier League is a football league were the salaries are on average very high. The clubs with the highest average salaries in the Premier League are Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal. The Spanish Primera División, the German Bundesliga and the Italian Serie A also include very high salaries.



Are the salaries of Premier League players increasing?  

Over the last decennia the average salary for Premier League players has strongly increased. However, the FIFA has recently enforced the Financial Fair Play regulation which has resulted in a slight decrease in the basic salaries of professional football players.

What is the average salary in other English professional football leagues?

The difference in salary between the Premier League and lower leagues is very big. In the Championship the average salary is between £7,500 and £8,500 a week. The top players in the Championship can earn around £80,000 a week. The average salary in League One is between  £1,700 and £2,500, and in League Two it’s between £1,300 and £1,500. 

Do football players earn more than other professional athletes?

Professional football players earn a lot of money, however there are other athletes that earn even more. The average salaries in the NBA, MLB, NHL and NFL are quite a bit higher than those of the Premier League. In America basketball players, baseball players, ice hockey players and rugby players often earn millions a year.

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