What is the average cheating rate? 

It’s a well-known fact that a lot of people cheat on their partner. How many exactly, is more tricky to determine. It depends on your definition of cheating. Is kissing someone else cheating, or when you have sex with someone else? Research shows that the cheating rate is 30%, so 30% of the people cheat on their partner at least once in their life.



Who cheat more often, men or women?

It turns out that in general men cheat on their partner a little more often than women. Research shows that about 33% of the men have cheated, and 28% of the women have. 

At which age do people cheat most often?

Men often cheat at a younger age, around their late twenties. Women cheat most often when they’re over their thirties.

What percentage of all children are from an extramarital affair?

It might come as a shock, but it is estimated that about 10% of all children are born out of an extramarital affair. This seems like a lot, but it has partially be proven through DNA tests in hospitals. 

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