What is the average education level of people in the UK?

The education in the UK is generally well organized, and includes 4 out of the 6 best universities in the world. This is also apparent in the average education level. About 35% of all people in the UK between 25 and 64 years old have a degree. The media often reports that almost half of the population in the UK goes to university, but this is misinterpreted. It is often presented as if half of the population also actually acquire a university degree (but this is not the case), that’s why it sometimes seems as if the education level is very high.



Is the average education level increasing or declining?

The average education level in the UK is increasing. Over the past few years the percentage of people with a degree in higher education has increased by a few percentages a year.

Do men or women have a higher education on average?

The average education level for women has almost always been below that of men. This is because until the 60’s not many women were interested in a career. Nowadays things are completely different and women have caught up enormously. In fact, there are even slightly more women than men with a higher education now.  

What is the average education level in other countries?

The average education level in the UK is slightly higher than in other countries in Europe. On average 25% of the population in Europe has a higher education. The country with the highest education level on average is Finland. More than 36% of the population has a higher education.

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