What’s the average duration of sex?

In many pornographic movies the duration of sex is often 30 to 45 minutes. However, research by Durex claim that this is not at all representative for the average population's duration of sex. The average duration of having sex for most couples in the is about 8 minutes. This is without counting foreplay.  

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How many couples have sex for longer than 15 minutes?

Only 20% of couples regularly have sex for longer than 15 minutes. With the remaining 80% the time of sex is on average less than 15 minutes. The following table shows the percentage of people compared to the average time they have sex.

 % of the people   Average sex time 
 20%  1 - 5 minutes
 35%  6 - 10 minutes
 25%   11 - 15 minutes
 15%  15 - 30 minutes
 5%  longer than 30 minutes 


How long do couples think sex should take?

American research suggests that most couples think that sex should on average take between 7 and 13 minutes. According to the couples, 2 minutes is way too short, 3 to 7 minutes is just enough, but 30 minutes would take way too long.

Do couples in the United Kingdom on average have sex for a long time?

The average time of sex (excluding foreplay) for people in the United Kingdom is 8 minutes, which is quite average compared to other countries. The Mexicans can keep it up the longest, because the duration of sex in Mexico is on average 16 minutes.  

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