What is the average speed on a bike?

When we talk about the average bike speed, we mean the speed at which someone cycles calmly on a normal bike. Indeed, the average cycling speed is dependent on external factors such as the wind or whether you’re cycling uphill. But we can assume that when the circumstances are all equal, the average cycling speed would be about 11.18 mph (18 km/h)



Is the average speed on bikes increasing?

Yes, mainly due to that the bicycles are becoming lighter and better. Halfway through the last century there were no such thing as gears. Therefore people back then cycled with an average speed of  8.08 mph (13 km/h).

What is the fastest speed at which someone has ever cycled?

The fastest cycling speed ever belongs to a Dutchmen. On the 3rd of October 1995, close to Salt Lake City, Fred Rompelberg achieved a speed of 167 mph (268.8 km/h). He did this in Salt Lake city on a special bike, in the slipstream of a car driving in front of him.  


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