What is the average time to run a half marathon?

Many people who aspire to run a marathon, start by training for a half marathon. A half marathon is exactly half of the distance of a whole marathon. A whole marathon is more than 26 miles (42 kilometers), so a half marathon is somewhat more than 13 miles (21 kilometers). The average time it takes to run a half marathon is different between men and women:

■ Average time for men to run a half marathon: between 1.25 hours and 1.45 hours

■ Average time for women to run a half marathon: between 1.35 hours and 1.55 hours



What influences the average time to run a half marathon?

The time it takes you to run a half marathon depends on many factors. The overview below shows a few factors that have an influence: 

■Is it nice weather or bad weather

■Wind from the front or in the back

■Whether you’ve trained a lot or little

■Is the marathon in a city or in the countryside

■Are you walking alone or in a group


What is the fastest time for a half marathon?

The fastest half marathon ever run was by Zersenay Tadese (Eritrea). He ran a half marathon in 58 minutes and 23 seconds. The fastest woman to run a half marathon was Mary Keitany (Kenia). She ran it in 1 hour, 5 minutes and 50 seconds.  


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