What is the average child weight by age?

Parents often worry about the weight of their children. Are children too light or are they too heavy? Numerous studies have shown that many children are overweight. 14% of the boys and 17% of the girls in the UK are too heavy. Unfortunately this problem is seeming to get worse. In the table below you can see an overview of the average healthy weights of children between 2 and 16 years old.  

 Average Child Weight (in stone and kg): 

 Age            Boys                                  Girls                                  
 2  1st 13.6lb (12.5 kg)   1st 12.5lb (12 kg)
 3  2st 2.9lb  (14 kg)   2st 3.3lb  (14.2 kg)
 4  2st 7.9lb  (16.3 kg)  2st 6lb  (15.4 kg)
 5  2st 12.6lb (18.4 kg)  2st 11.7lb (18 kg) 
 6  3st 3.4lb  (20.6 kg)  3st 1.9lb  (19.9 kg)
 7  3st 8.5lb   (22.9 kg)  3st 7.4lb   (22.4 kg)
 8  4st 0.4lb  (25.6 kg)  4st 0.9lb  (25.8 kg)
 9  4st 7.1lb  (28.6 kg)  4st 5.9lb (28.1 kg)
 10  5st 0.5lb (32 kg)  5st 0.3lb   (31.9 kg)
 11  5st 8.5lb  (35.6 kg)  5st 11.4lb  (36.9 kg)
 12  6st 4lb     (39.9 kg)  6st 7.5lb (41.5 kg)
 13  7st 1.9lb  (45.3 kg)  7st 3lb   (45.8 kg)
 14  7st 14lb  (50.8 kg)  7st 6.9lb  (47.6 kg)
 15  8st 11.5lb (56 kg)  8st 2.9lb  (52.1 kg)
 16  9st 8lb   (60.8 kg)  8st 5.9lb (53.5 kg)

Keep in mind that these are average weights. If a child is smaller than average, then the average healthy weight will of course deviate. Some deviation from these average healthy weights is of course normal. However, if you are very concerned with your child’s weight, you can always get in contact with your general doctor. 

What are the most important factors that determine the weight of a child?

- The child’s genes: a child’s weight is influenced by inheritance

- The health of the mother, in particular during pregnancy

- The child’s diet

- Illnesses a child could have 


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