What is the average female shoe size?

The average female shoe size in the UK is 6, but a couple of years ago the average female shoe size was only 5. Obesity is probably the reason for this increase in average shoe size. Medical experts claim that the hormones in high-density food are causing larger body parts such as bigger hands and feet.



Can you calculate your own shoe size?

A Female's shoe size can be calculated using the following formula:
Adult shoe size = 3 x length in inches – 22
If you want to know your shoe size and you know the length of your foot, you can use the following table:

 Foot length:   Shoe size: 
 9.5in (24.1 cm)   6
 9.6in (24.4 cm)  6.5
 9.8in (24.8 cm)  7
 10in  (25.4 cm)  7.5
 10.1in (25.7 cm)   8
 10.2in (26.0 cm)  8.5
 10.5in (26.7 cm)  9
 10.6in (27.0 cm)  9.5
 10.7in (27.3 cm)  10
 11in (27.9 cm)  10.5

What's the biggest shoe size ever?

The biggest shoe ever made was worn by a female named Perry Helton, she had shoe size 36! That is 31 sizes bigger than the average female shoe size! 

Is the height of a women correlated to her shoe size?

Experts cannot seem to agree on this. Some studies claim that there is no correlation between height and shoe size. Other studies however disagree, and claim that taller women also have the biggest feet

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