What is the average shoe size for children?

The average shoe size for children depends on a number of factors, but in particular the age and the gender. On average boys have a larger shoe size than girls of the same age.



When do children’s feet stop growing?

Children’s feet grow until about the age of 15. On average children grow one and a half shoe sizes bigger each year. In the first years of childhood their feet grow the most.

What are the average children shoe sizes according to different ages?

In the overview below you can see the average shoe size of certain ages. The overview is up until 12 years old because after that the height of children often varies largely, so we can’t talk about averages.

 Age   Average shoe size boys   Average shoe size girls 
 4 years   10   10
 5 years  11  12
 6 years  12,5   12,5 
 7 years   1  1
 8 years  2  2
 9 years  2,5  2,5
 10 years   4  3
 11 years  4,5  4,5
 12 years  5,5  5,5


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