What is the average water usage in the UK?

The average water usage for a standard household in the UK is about 164 m3 per year. The average water bill per household is almost £400 per year. 

 What is the average water usage per household?

The average water usage per household of course depends heavily on the number of people in each household. In the table below you can see what the average annual water usage is depending on the size of a household:

 People living at home   Average annual water usage in m3   Litres per day 
 1  54  149
 2  101  276
 3  134  367
 4  164  450
 5  191  523
 6  216  592
 7  239  655

Is the amount of water usage increasing?

Yes, in general the water consumption in the Western world is really increasing. We are showering more often, watering our plants more and most people use their dishwasher daily. The average amount of water consumption is thus increasing. 

 What causes the most water usage in a household?

Unfortunately, taking regular baths is the biggest water usage in households. On average it takes 115 litre of water to fill up a bath! While taking a shower, you use on average 50 litres of water, and the washing machine uses about 55 litres. The dishwasher uses on average 15 litres of water. Traditional toilets use about 10 litres of water per flush, however more modern toilets use about 6 litres. By using dual flush toilets you can actually reduce the amount of water usage to far under 6 litres per flush.

How can you reduce your water usage?

There are hundreds of ways to reduce your water usage, we have listed a couple of important ones below:

- Buy a water saving shower head

- Buy an energy efficient washing machine and dishwasher

- Use a dual flush system

- Don’t take regular baths and don’t shower too long

- Fully fill up the washing machine before turning it on

- Watch out for leakage 

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