What is the average cost of a funeral?

Unfortunately everyone will sooner or later have to deal with the passing away of a loved one. Besides the personal loss, the costs of a funeral often come as a shock to many. The average cost of a funeral is often a lot higher than what people expect. On average, a funeral costs 7,622 pounds, which is 7.1% higher than last year. When you compare the costs now with those in 2004, it has increased by 80%! Due to this increase a lot of people struggle to afford the costs of a funeral. 



What is included in the costs of a funeral?

Below there is a table of factors which make funerals so expensive. The table consists of averages.

 Cost category   Cost in £ 
 Funeral fees (funeral director / service)   1,200
 Casket   1,400 
 Display in the funeral centre  300 
 Burial costs cemetery  1,000
 Transport   300 
 Obituary in the newspaper   400 
 Flowers   90
 Thank you cards  200 
 Memorial  800 
 Doctor's fees (for death certification)    165 


These are the most important expenses, often there are smaller expenses added too. The costs for the gravestone and the rent of the grave are not included in the list above.

What is more expensive, a cremation or a burial?

The average costs for a burial are often a little higher than that for a cremation. After the funeral, the expenses of a burial continue due to rent of the grave.

How can you reduce the costs of a funeral?

Below we have listed a couple of tips that can help reduce the costs of a funeral:

-       Be flexible with the time of the funeral

-       Ask friends and family to help out (with transport for instance)  

-       Make an online memorial instead of a physical one

-       Buy the casket online or make one yourself

What was the most expensive funeral ever?

The most expensive funeral ever was that of Alexander the Great (323BC). His funeral is guessed to have costs more than 360 million pounds.

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