What is the average salary in Manchester?

Manchester is one of the biggest cities of the UK and has one of the largest economies. The average salary in Manchester is £26,417.

What industries drive the economy in Manchester?

During the industrial revolution in the 19th century, lots of people moved to Manchester to work in the textile industry. This drove the economy of Manchester for many years, but the region of Manchester can now be seen as an economic knowledge-led centre. Research at the University of Manchester is ranked at 3rd in the UK, only Cambridge and Oxford score better. The most common industries in the region of Manchester are: banking/finance & insurance, legal services, biotechnology, tourism, environmental technologies, real estate, life sciences, media and digital. The Manchester area is very popular as headquarter location for big global and European companies like Adidas, Procter & Gamble and L’Oreal.

What is the average salary in Manchester by job title?

Below you can find a list with average yearly wages for some of the most popular job titles in Manchester.

 Job title   Average salary 
 Operations manager   £ 35,133
 Software engineer  £ 31,117
 Software developer  £ 28,637
 Account manager   £ 25,049
 Graphic designer  £ 20,390
 Office administrator  £ 16,241
 Teaching assistant  £ 13,090

What is the average salary in other UK cities?

The highest average salary of all cities in the United Kingdom can, not surprisingly, be found in London. Compared to other UK cities the average salary in Manchester is mediocre. The highest salaries, besides London, are paid in cities like Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Oxford, Cambridge and Reading. Some cities with the lowest average salary are Huddersfield, Bradford, Norwich, Stoke-on-Trent and Southend. Below you can find an overview of average salaries for certain UK cities.

 City   Average salary 
 Birmingham   £ 25,748
 Brighton  £ 25,379
 Bristol  £ 28,436
 Cardiff  £ 24,487
 Edinburgh  £ 27,950
 Glasgow  £ 26,120
 Leeds  £ 25,711
 London  £ 34,991
 Newcastle  £ 24,953
 Norwich  £ 22,757
 Nottingham  £ 24,435
 Oxford  £ 29,379
 Stoke-on-Trent   £ 21,510


Manchester is also famous for its two Premier League football clubs: Manchester United and Manchester City. The teams have a combined revenue of over a billion Euros per year and belong to the most valuable football clubs of the world. In this ranking the 2 clubs from Manchester outperform the London football clubs.

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