What is the average IQ score?

The average IQ is determined by an IQ-test. In the western world it is believed that an IQ of 100 is the average. However, research shows that the worldwide IQ is closer to 90 on average. This is mainly due to low IQ scores in developing countries. 



What is the average IQ score in the UK?

Research shows that people in the United Kingdom have on average an IQ score of 100. Which is also the average compared to the rest of the western world.

Is there a difference between the average IQ scores for men and women?

British research shows that men on average have a slightly higher IQ than women. The average IQ score of men is about 5 points higher than the average scores of women.

When is an IQ score low, average, or high?

You can find this information in the following table.

 IQ   IQ qualification 
 <20   profoundly low 
 20 - 35  severely low
 35 - 50   moderately low 
 50 - 70  mildly low
 70 - 85  below average
 85 - 115   average IQ
 115 - 130   above average 
 >130  gifted

How can I measure my IQ?

If you want to know if you have a higher or lower IQ than average, you can find many IQ-tests on the Internet that calculate your IQ score. Some of these tests are free, but others (often the better ones) cost money.  

What are the average IQ scores in other countries?

Compared to developed countries, the people in the UK have an average IQ score. Here below you can find an overview with countries and their average IQ scores. From the table below you can see that the UK is in 11th place, although there are more countries with an average IQ of 100. Furthermore you can see that Asian countries score the highest IQ on average and African countries the lowest. 

 Country    Average IQ 
 Hong Kong   107
 South Korea   106
 Japan  105
 Taiwan  104
 Singapore  103
 Italy   102
 Netherlands  102
 Germany  102
 Sweden  101
 Switzerland   101
 United Kingdom  100
 Sierra Leone  64
 Ethiopia  63
 Equatorial Guinea   59

(Source: Statistic Brain Research Institute, June 1st 2015)

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