What is the average number of Twitter followers?

Twitter is, besides Facebook and Youtube, perhaps the most popular social media platform of this era. On average, a Twitter account has 208 followers



Who have more followers on Twitter, men or women?

Women are, in comparison to men, a lot more active on Twitter and therefore have more followers.

Who has the most Twitter followers in the world?

There are a lot of celebrities that make a sport of getting as many followers on Twitter as possible. Therefore the person with the most Twitter followers varies. Lady Gaga was the first person to have more than 20 million followers. Katy Perry recently became the first person with more than 100 million followers on Twitter. At this moment she is the most followed person in the world with 105 million followers. In 2nd place is Justin Bieber with 102 million followers and at 3rd  place is Barack Obama with 95 million followers. At 4th place is Taylor Swift with 85 million followers.

How can I get more Twitter followers?

There are a number of websites that give you tips to get more followers. Below we have collected 10 tips that definitely work:
1. Follow people on Twitter and ask them to follow you
2. Make sure your tweets are interesting for a wide audience
3. Be up to date and unique in your tweets
4. Tweet at least a few times a day
5. Make use of pictures on Twitter
6. Make sure to have a good name for your account
7. Be controversial / exciting
8. Have a good profile text, say who you are
9. Use hashtags
10. Try to get celebrities to follow you on Twitter

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