How many people do we kiss on average?

When people are attracted to one another, they often end up kissing. With kissing we’re talking about French kissing. This is when two people kiss with their mouths open, so that their tongues can touch. Some people have a new kissing partner each week, whereas other people are scared by the thought and have never kissed anyone before. On average, an individual has about 18 different kissing partners throughout their life.


Who kisses on average more, men or women?

Studies have shown that men on average have more kissing partners than women. Men have kissed on average 20 people, whereas women kiss on average 15 people.

Average age first French kiss?

The number of people you kiss in your life, of course depends on the age at which you have your first real kiss. You can imagine that someone who had their first French kiss by the age of 15, has more kissing partners in total than someone who had their first French kiss when they were 25. The average age in England that someone has their first real kiss is 14 years old.

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