What is the average cycling speed?

The average speed of a road cyclist is dependent on many factors such as if you have trained a lot or just started, whether you cycle in competitions or just train, the kind of weather, the distance you cycle etc. The overview below shows the average cycling speed in different circumstances. These are indeed the average speeds, so it is quite possible that you cycle faster or slower.

 Cyclist   Average cycling speed                 
   Training     Competition
 Starting    15.5 - 18.6 mph (25 - 30 km/h)   18.6 - 21.7 mph   (30 - 35 km/h) 
 Experienced   18.6 - 24.9 mph (30 - 40 km/h)  21.7 - 28 mph     (35 - 45 km/h)
 (Semi) professional   21.7 - 28 mph (35 - 45 km/h)   24.9 - 31.1 mph   (40 - 50 km/h)



What is the average cycling speed in the Tour de France?

Nowadays the average cycling speed in the Tour de France is about 25 mph (40 km/h). The fastest Tour de France had an average speed of 25.88 mph (41.7  km/h). This was the Tour de France of 2005, which was won by Lance Armstrong. This might not seem that impressive, but if you consider that the cyclists get this average by cycling 2237 miles (3600 km) in 20 days, you can see that this average speed is incredibly fast.

What is the fastest average speed of a time trial recorded during the Tour de France?

The time trial with the fastest average in the Tour de France was in 1994, cycled by Chris Boardman from the UK at 34.59 mph (55.67  km/h). In second place is Greg Lemond from America who cycled 33.90 mph (54.55  km/h) in 1989. In third place is David Millar, also from the UK, who cycled 33.77 mph (54.36  km/h) in 2003.

How can you increase your average cycling speed?

When you’re a beginner with road cycling, there are a few things you can do to improve your average speed:

1. Train as often as possible
2. Train in a group, whereby at least some of the cyclists are faster than you.
3. Begin your training against the wind (that way when you’re tired, you’ll have the wind in your back).


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