What is the average temperature in Barcelona?

Barcelona has become one of the most touristy cities in Europe. Every year almost 8 million tourists visit Barcelona, and this number is still increasing. One of the main reasons why Barcelona is so appealing is the climate. Barcelona has long summers where it only rarely becomes extremely hot. The average temperature in Barcelona in the summer is about 25 degrees Celsius, and the average temperature in the winter is somewhere around 11 degrees. All in all, the yearly average temperature in Barcelona is about 15 degrees.

Average temperature Barcelona per month

In the overview below you can see the average temperatures in Barcelona per month. 

 Month   Average temperature Barcelona 
 Jan  10 degrees
 Feb  10 degrees
 Mar  12 degrees
 Apr  13 degrees
 May  16 degrees
 June  20 degrees
 July  23 degrees
 Aug  24 degrees
 Sept  22 degrees
 Oct  18 degrees
 Nov  13 degrees 
 Dec  11 degrees

 When is the best time to travel to Barcelona?

You can practically visit Barcelona all year round to see all the sights. The best months for city trips are May, June, July and August. In these months, besides pleasant temperatures, you also have the least chance of rain.

What is the highest temperature ever recorded in Barcelona?

In 2010 they recorded the highest temperature ever in Barcelona. On the 27th of August it was 39.3 degrees!

What is the lowest temperature ever recorded in Barcelona?

The lowest temperature ever recorded in Barcelona was in 1896, when they recorded -9.6 degrees. This is more than 20 degrees lower than the average temperature during the winter. 

Does it ever snow in Barcelona?

It only rarely freezes in Barcelona, and thus only rarely ever snows. However, in 1962 almost 60 centimetres of snow fell in the centre of Barcelona. In 2010 snow also stuck to the ground. 6 Centimetres of snow fell in the centre and almost 30 centimetres on the hill Tibidabo.

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