How old is a baby on average when it starts to crawl?

Crawling is a baby’s first step to mobility. From the moment a baby has learned how to crawl, it is able to move around on its own. Many parents cannot wait for their baby to start crawling for the first time. The age at which a child starts crawling varies considerably. Some babies are able to crawl when they are 7 months old. Others are not able to crawl until they reach the age of 10 months. The average age for crawling is about 8 months.



Who are the first to crawl, boys or girls?

Girls generally develop more quickly than boys. Therefore, they often talk, walk, and crawl sooner compared to boys.

When should I start to worry?

It is very understandable for parents to worry when their baby starts crawling at on older age. This is not always necessary. Some babies develop more quickly than others. No child is alike. In addition, all kinds of things could be of influence, does the baby see other crawling babies, and also the type of surface (carpet or laminate) plays a role. However, when a child is 10 months old and still not able to crawl it is always good to consult a child health centre or a doctor.

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