How many diapers do you use on average per day?

Young children who have yet to fulfil their potty training need to wear a diaper. You need to change the diaper whenever they have done a number one or a number two. This will sometimes lead you to use up quite some diapers during a day. The exact number depends, among others, on the age of your child. The younger a child is the more diapers are needed on a daily basis. The number of diapers used on average per day is 7.33 diapers.



Average number of diapers per day per age

As previously mentioned, young babies use more diapers compared to slightly older children. The following overview presents the average number of diapers used per age with corresponding costs in the UK.  

 Age group   Diapers used per day   Average cost of diapers 
 0 - 4 months    12  13p per diaper
 4 - 6 months    10   14p
 6 - 12 months    8  15p
 12 - 18 months    6  16p
 18 - 24 months   4  17p
 Overall diaper usage    7.33  14.8p

When to change a diaper?

Some people will wait to change a diaper until it is filled. Various organisations however advise a diaper change from the moment it contains urine. It is best for the baby’s skin to wear a filled diaper for the least amount of time possible.

What do diapers cost in total?

Considering the overview above, a child will use up about 5353 diapers in total! This will easily cost you about 793.32 pounds worth of diapers per child in total.

When will children no longer have to use diapers?

When you consider the average price of a diaper, you would obviously like to have your child potty trained as soon as possible. On average, children are potty trained around the age of three.

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