At what age do men often have a midlife crisis?

A lot of men go through a midlife crisis at some point in their life. A midlife crisis is an emotional state full of doubt and restlessness. This is due to the uncomfortable feeling that half of your life is already over. A midlife crisis is often paired with the feeling that you haven’t achieved enough in life. The age at which men enter a midlife crisis varies a lot. Some men already hit one in their thirties, whereas others in their late fifties. The average age for men to enter a midlife crisis is between when they’re 40 and 45 years.



Does every man go through a midlife crisis?

All middle-aged men encounter a midlife-transition, it’s a normal process. However not all men subsequently go through a crisis. About 1 out of 5 men experience this transition as very emotional and enters a crisis.

Are more and more people experiencing a midlife crisis?

More men are experiencing the midlife-transition as very emotional and thus develop a crisis. This is mainly due to that the pressure to perform in our society is rising. More and more men have the feeling that they are responsible for not achieving their dreams.

How long does a midlife crisis take on average?

The average amount time that someone goes through a midlife crisis varies a lot. On average a midlife crisis takes between 3 to 10 years.

What are the characteristics of a midlife crisis?

If you’re unsure if you’re in a midlife crisis, see if you recognize any of the typical characteristics shown below:

- making big changes in your life, without back up plan 
- sudden doubts about your relationship 
- increase in sports and working on your body
- a lot of expensive purchases  
- search for freedom 
- extreme doubts about your job

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