What is the average age for boys to grow a beard?

Sooner or later all boys have to deal with it at the end of puberty: facial hair. Most boys choose to shave. There is a striking difference between the ages that facial hair starts to grow. Some boys start growing facial hair as soon as 12 years old, whereas other boys don't start growing facial hair until the age of 20. The average age for beard growth is 16 years.

How fast does facial hair grow?

On average the beard consists of about 10.000 hairs. Beard hairs grow around 0.3 to 0.5 mm per day and about 14 cm per year. It should take approximately a year to be able to grow a decent beard. However the speed of  the growth of beard hairs differs per man. Some males have to shave everyday, whereas other men shave once every 2 days.

How is it determined whether or not you have a lot of beard growth?

Facial hair is mostly genetically determined. In some families the beard growth is more luscious than others. Also the speed of growth, the color and positioning are genetically determined. The Indians (the native population of America) and Asians have a lot less beard growth than European of Afrikan males.

How many times do men shave their beard on average?

Although it differs per age and region, the estimate is that men shave about five times a week. One shave takes approximately ten minutes. So a man shaves about 150 days (almost half a year) of his life!

When does pubic hair start to grow?

From about the age of 10 most boys also grow pubic hair. Since the 90's there has been a growing trend to shave pubic hair, chest hair and armpit hair. Today around 60% of British men shave their facial hair as well as their pubic hair. Fifteen years ago this was 30%. More than half of the men say they shave their pubic hair because their partner finds it more attractive.

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