What is the average age to get married in the UK?

In comparison to other countries, couples in the UK are rather old when they decide to get married. The average age that men in the UK get married is 30.8 and the average age to get married for women is 28.9 years.



Are people more frequently getting married at later ages?

Yes, besides the fact that a lot less people are getting married than for instance 30 years ago, the age at which people are marrying has increased quite a bit. The average age for getting married 30 years ago was about 24 years ( about 23 years for women and about 25 years for men). That’s about 6 years earlier than the current average age.

What is the legal age in the UK to get married? 

If you want to get married in the UK, both partners must be at least 16 years old. Under-18’s need permission from their parents or guardians.

Where do people get married the youngest?

The average age that people get married is dependent on a couple of factors, such as religion, culture and the level of development of the country where they live. In countries such as India and Pakistan it is common that the parents of the bride and groom arrange the wedding. Therefore the average age of getting married in these countries is only 17 years old.

Where do people get married the latest?

In Scandinavian countries it is more common to get married at a later age. In Denmark the average age people get married is almost 31 years old. Also in Sweden, Finland and Norway the average age to get married is well above 30 years old.


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