What is the average age to lose your virginity?

Nothing is more lied about than the age at which people lose their virginity. A lot of people feel ashamed if they lose their virginity at an older age. The average age for people in the UK to lose their virginity is when they’re 18.3 years old.

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Is there an age difference between girls and boys in losing their virginity?

The average age for a girl to lose her virginity is a little lower as girls often have older boyfriends. The average age of losing virginity for girls is slightly under 18.3, for boys the average age is slightly above 18.3.

Are people losing their virginity at a younger age?

Yes, there is an apparent trend whereby people are starting to experiment with sex at a younger age. This of course also means that people are losing their virginity at younger ages. In the 1950s the average age for losing your virginity was 22, in 1980 it had already decreased to 20 years.

When do people in other countries lose their virginity?

The global average age to lose your virginity lies at 19 years. In Brazil the people are the youngest. Here people tend to lose their virginity when they are 17.3 years old. In countries such as India, Malaysia and Vietnam, people are considerably older when they lose their virginity. The average age for them is between 22 and 24 years old.


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