What is the average cost of childcare?

Nowadays, it is very common that both parents work and that their children go to childcare. The average cost of part-time childcare for children under the age of 2 is £115 per week. The average cost of full-time childcare is £212 per week. The table below presents the average cost of several childcare options.

Type of childcare

Part-time UK average

Full-time UK average

Registered childminder (25 hours)

£104 per week

£197 per week

Day nursery (25 hours)

£115 per week

£212 per week


£200-£275 per week including taxes and national insurance contributions

£360 per week including taxes, national insurance contributions and room + board

Daily nanny


£512 per week including taxes, national insurance and room + board


£70-£85 pocket money plus room and board


In London, the average cost of childcare is often more than 30% higher than the national averages.

Can I get help with the payment of childcare costs?

There are 2 ways to get help with the payment of childcare costs. You can get childcare vouchers or a direct payment as compensation from your employer.

You can also receive help from the government through the Working tax credit, Universal credit, or the tax-free Childcare scheme. You can calculate how much help you can get with childcare costs by clicking here.

In England, it is possible to get 570 free education hours or childcare hours per year for 3 and 4 year olds. You can use these hours for nurseries and nursery classes, playgroups, pre-schools, registered childminders, and Sure Start Children’s Centres.

In Scotland, this number is set at 600 free hours, in Wales at 10 hours per week for 38 weeks, and in Northern Ireland at 12.5 hours per week for 38 weeks.

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