What is the average salary in London?

The average salary differs per city. Usually the average salary is highest in the capital city compared to other cities. The average salary in London is £34,991 per annum, which is the highest of all big cities in England. This is not surprising, since London has one of the most largest economies in the world. In Scotland it’s not the capital which has the highest average salary. Edinburgh’s average salary is £27,950. Aberdeen’s average salary of £32,392 is the highest in Scotland. This is mainly due to the oil industry located here. 

What industries drive the London economy?

In the 19th and 20th century the London economy was mainly driven by manufacturing, but this declined heavily from 1960 onwards. From this year, several manufacturing industries have been shut down in London, like aircraft manufacturing, vehicle construction, consumer electronics and more. Nowadays, the economy of London is dominated by service industries, mainly by the financial sector and information technology (IT). The business district where you can find most financial institutions is called ‘The City’. In ‘The City’, and some other smaller business districts, London hosts many national and international financial institutions. The stock exchange in London is one of the largest in the world. Upcoming sectors in London are e-commerce, tourism and environmental industries.

What is the average salary in other UK cities? 

The following overview shows the average salary of other large cities in the UK. 

 City  Average salary
 Manchester  £ 26.417
 Bristol  £ 28.436
 Birmingham  £ 25.748
 Glasgow  £ 26.120

What is the average salary in London by job title?

Below you can find an overview with average yearly wages for several popular job titles.

 Job title   Average salary 
 Software engineer   £ 43,378
 Software developer   £ 38,895
 Account manager  £ 29,807
 Marketing manager   £ 36,586
 Operations manager   £ 38,238

In what cities do people have the highest average salary?

On average, in London people earn a good amount of money, but there are lots of cities where people earn more than in the capital of England. Especially in the United States lots of cities have a higher average salary than London, for example: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Washington. The capitals in Europe where people earn, on average, the largest amount of money are Paris and Moscow. In Asia people in Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong have the highest average salaries, which are also all higher than the average salary in London. 

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