What is the average salary in the UK?

As soon as you start working you will spend the rest of your employment wondering whether your salary is good or poor compared to the salaries of others. Luckily help is at hand – here you can find the average salary in the UK. When we look at the average salary we only consider the salaries of the working population (so the average salary of all the people who work inside the UK). The average UK salary is £29.900 gross per annum.



Does the average salary vary by gender?

The average salary does indeed vary by gender, men still earn more on average than women. The average salary of a man in the UK is £31.260 per annum, whereas the average salary for a woman in the UK is £24.400. The difference between the salaries of men and women with the same work and the same age is sometimes 30% in the favour of men. Over the past few years the difference in the average salaries of men and women has been decreasing. 

Is the average salary increasing?

Yes, in the UK our salaries are continuously increasing. This is because of inflation among other things. In the following overview you can see the average salaries over the years:

 Years:   Average salary: 
 2000   £ 20.300
 2005   £ 22.800
 2010   £ 28.400
 2013   £ 29.900


Does the average salary increase as you gain more work experience?

Yes, in general the more work experience you have the more you will earn. Below you will find an overview of the average salary in relation to the years of work experience:

 Work experience:   Average salary: 
 <1 year  £ 19.792
 1-4 years  £ 23.254
 5-9 years  £ 30.241
 10-19 years  £ 37.216
 >20 years  £ 39.853


What is the average salary in other counties?

The average salary in the UK is quite high compared to other countries. Below there is an overview of the average gross salaries in other influential countries.

 Country:   Average salary: 
 United States  £ 34.830
 Switzerland  £ 32.139
 Netherlands  £ 30.101
 Norway  £ 29.253
 Australia  £ 28.775
 Canada  £ 27.028
 South Korea  £ 26.649
 France  £ 24.390
 Sweden  £ 24.138
 Japan  £ 22.480


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