On average, how many goals are scored during the UEFA Euro?

In the run up to the FIFA World Cup or European championships for football, a lot of people make bets as to how many goals in total will be scored during the competition. If your prediction is correct, you can sometimes win quite a nice amount of money. However, if you are interested in placing such bets, it might be wise to know the average amount of goals scored in previous championships. The number of goals depends on the number of matches that are played. In 1988 for instance, only 8 teams entered the competition, whereas nowadays there are 24 teams competing. Below you can find some information on how many teams entered and how many goals were scored in total during the UEFA European Championships since 1988:

 Year   Goals   Teams 
 2016   108  24
 2012  76  16
 2008  77  16
 2004  77  16
 2000  85  16
 1996    64  16
 1992  32  8
 1988  34  8

What is the average number of goals scored per match?

On average 2.4 goals are scored each match during the UEFA Euro. This has been tracked since the beginning of the championships. The number of goals scored per match has been slightly decreasing over the years. Below you can find information of the average number of goals per matches for the different European Championships since 1988:

 Year   Average goals
 2016  2.12
 2012  2.45
 2008  2.48
 2004  2.48
 2000  2.74
 1996  2.06
 1992  2.13
 1988  2.27

European Championships 2016

In 2016 there were 24 countries participating in the UEFA Euro and there were 50 football matches played in total. If you take the 2.5 average goals scored per match into consideration, then you would predict that about 125 goals will be scored during the championship but it turned out that only 108 goals were scored.

Most goals in previous UEFA Euro

The most goals scored during UEFA Euro 2016 was the quarter final between France and Iceland. The French won this match with 5-2. With 7 goals, it was the match with the most goals scored.  

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