What is the 3 dart average in PDC World Darts Championship finals?

The PDC World Championship started in 1994 as the WDC World Darts Championship, which was the result of the split between the World Darts Council and the British Darts Organisation (BDO). In 1997 the WDC became the PDC. In the beginning the BDO got more attention and had higher prize money, but eventually the PDC became more and more popular and since 2002 the prize money in the PDC was higher than in the BDO. Also the level of darts became higher in the PDC than in the BDO. Currently, the BDO doesn't exist anymore, because of financial issues the BDO went into liquidation in September 2020. The 3 dart average in the PDC is, on average, higher than the 3 dart average was in the BDO. Since 1994 the PDC World Championship is held 24 times, and the 3 dart average of all 24 finals is 98.08. The average of all winning finalists is 100.19, and the average of all losing finalists is 95.96.

What is the highest average thrown at a PDC World Championship final?

The highest 3 dart average in a PDC World Championship final is 110.94, thrown by Phil Taylor in 2009. In this final Phil Taylor defeated Raymond van Barneveld with 7-1, although van Barneveld’s 3 dart average was also pretty good: 101.18. The second and third highest averages thrown at PDC World Championship finals are 107.79 and 107.67, thrown by Michael van Gerwen in 2017 and Rob Cross in 2018. The highest losing average was thrown by Gary Anderson in 2017 (104.93). Phil Taylor follows on second place with 102.26, thrown at his last professional darts match, which he lost against Rob Cross.

What is the lowest average thrown at a PDC final?

The lowest average thrown by the winner in a PDC final is 92.86. This was the average of John Part in his final against Kirk Shepherd, in 2008. The average of Kirk Shephard in this final is the lowest 3 dart average ever in a PDC World Championship final. His average was 85.10. The second and third lowest averages were thrown by Rod Harrington in 1995 (87.15), and by Phil Taylor in 1994 (90.62). This was the very first PDC final, where Phil Taylor was defeated by Dennis Priestley. Dennis Priestley averaged 94.38 in this final.

What is the 3 dart average in BDO finals?

The 3 dart average of BDO winning finalists since the first BDO World Darts Championship in 1978 and until the last BDO final in 2020 is 92.30. The average of the losing finalists is 89.72. The highest average thrown at a BDO World Darts Championship final is 97.58, thrown by Phil Taylor. He throwed this average in the 1992 final which he won from Mike Gregory with 6-5. The lowest average ever in a BDO world championship final is 76.62, thrown by the losing finalist Leighton Rees in 1979.    

What are the highest televised averages?

Below you can find the top 10 highest televised 3 dart averages.




 Darts player


 Match result


 Premier League


 Michael van Gerwen

Michael Smith



 World Cup of Darts


 Kim Huybrechts

Paul Lim



 Premier League


 Peter Wright

Adrian Lewis



 UK Open


 Phil Taylor

Kevin Painter



 Perth Darts Masters


 Michael van Gerwen

Paul Nicholson



 European Championship


 Phil Taylor

Gary Anderson



 Premier League


 Michael van Gerwen 

Robert Thornton



 ET 10


 Dave Chisnall

Mark Webster



 World Cup of Darts


 Team Netherlands

Team Northern Ireland



 Premier League


 Phil Taylor

Simon Whitlock


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