What is the average global temperature?

When we talk about the average global temperature, we mean the temperature measured at the earth’s surface. These temperatures are calculated by measuring points all over the world at certain times. The average temperature is then decided based on these points. The average temperature on earth at the moment is 16 °C  (60.8 °F).



Is the average temperature on earth rising?

Yes, the average temperature on earth has been rising strongly over the past 100 years. In the overview below you can see the yearly increase in temperature on earth:

Year                    1900    1920   1940   1960  1980  2000  2020
Temperature        -0.1     -0.2      0.1     0.0    0.1     0.6     0.7

This global rise in temperature is mainly due to the increasing emission of Co2 gasses into the atmosphere. 

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