What is the average temperature in Turkey?

Turkey is a big country and has three different climate zones where the average temperatures are very far apart. The three different climate zones are:

1. Along the coast
See climate with mild winters and warm summers
2. Central Turkey
Moderate Continental climate with cold winters and hot summers
3. Eastern part
Steppe climate with cool winters and warm summers

Because the average temperature in these regions differ that much, it doesn't make sense to calculate one overall average. In the following section you can find the average temperature in the popular Turkish holiday regions.

What is the average temperature of the popular holiday regions in Turkey?

There are a number of very popular holiday regions in Turkey. Almost all these places are located along the coast. Popular places are Alanya, Bodrum, Side and Antalya.
In the overview below you will find the average temperature of these holiday regions in Turkey:

Month - Average day temperature
jan.  - 14 °C
feb.  - 14 °C
mar. - 17 °C
apr.  - 21 °C
may  - 25 °C
jun.  - 30 °C
jul.   - 34 °C
aug.  - 33 °C
sep.  - 30 °C
oct.  - 25 °C
nov.  - 19 °C
dec.  - 15 °C

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