What is the average temperature in Egypt?

More and more people discover Egypt as an ideal holiday destination. There are excellent hotels, the temperature is delightful and there is enough to do to be entertained for your entire holiday. But watch out, in the summer it can get terribly hot in Egypt, especially inland. If you are planning on travelling to Egpyt it is good to know in advance what average temperature you can expect in certain months.



What is the average temperature in Egypt's holiday regions?

In the overview below you can see the average temperature per month for some of the holiday regions in Egypt.

       Cairo  Hurghada  Sharm  Luxor
Jan    18°C     22°C       20°C      22°C
Feb   20°C     24°C       22°C      24°C
Mar   25°C     28°C        27°C      31°C
Apr   28°C     30°C        30°C     35°C
May   32°C     34°C        34°C     38°C
Jun   35°C     36°C       37°C      40°C
Jul    35°C     37°C       37°C      40°C
Aug  35°C     37°C       37°C      40°C
Sep  33°C     34°C       35°C      38°C
Oct   32°C    31°C       31°C      35°C
Nov   26°C    27°C       27°C      30°C
Dec   23°C    24°C       24°C      28°C

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